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Category: Algebra

How to Teach the Equation of Linear Function

In my earlier post on Linear Function, I described how a linear function can be recognized based on equation, graphs, and tables. In this article, let us talk about how to derive the equation of linear function (as they are called in calculus) or the equation of a line (as they called in analytic geometry)….

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What is a Linear Function?

What is a linear function? In mathematics, a linear function is used to name two different but related notions. In calculus and analytic geometry, a linear function is a polynomial with a highest degree of one. In linear algebra, the linear function is the linear map. This article is about the linear function in calculus…

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Guest Post: Supporting Older Students Who Struggle with Maths

Often as teachers we struggle to support those students for whom maths is challenging. As a teacher myself, I found many of these students experienced difficulties which continued from their primary years right through until adulthood. Working with these students is what inspired me to write ‘Real World Maths- building skills for diverse learners’ ISBN…

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