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Guest Post: Supporting Older Students Who Struggle with Maths

Often as teachers we struggle to support those students for whom maths is challenging. As a teacher myself, I found many of these students experienced difficulties which continued from their primary years right through until adulthood. Working with these students is what inspired me to write ‘Real World Maths- building skills for diverse learners’ ISBN… Read More »

A Challenging Way of Presenting Math Patterns Problems

Mathematics is the science of patterns. Part of the math skill students need to learn in mathematics is to see regularities.  The usual way of introducing pattern searching activity is by showing a sequence of figure or numbers and then asking the students to find or draw the next one.   Here’s a more exciting… Read More »

Making Sense of Power Function

The power function, , n = positive integral exponents is actually the ‘basic’ polynomial function.They are the first terms in the polynomial function. With graphing utility, it is no longer as much fun to graph function. What has become more challenging is interpreting them. Here’s are a set of tasks you can ask your learners… Read More »

The multiple meanings of letter symbols – Part 2 of x

In Part 1 of this series of posts about what makes algebra difficult, I discuss the multiple meanings of equal sign learners has deal with to make sense of the subject. With the changing meaning of equal sign and equations comes the changing meaning of the letter symbols. Teachers would oftentimes introduce algebra by telling… Read More »

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