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By | May 22, 2012

Teachers struggling to improve their students’ math experiences can look online for a plethora of fun and interactive games and programs. All of the online math curriculum help outlined in the following list is free to access and simple enough that a basic computer could run them with no problem. The games are all browser-based, and most will need a version of Adobe Flash Player or equivalent. The first three sites are primarily interactive online games. The last two sites provide printable resources for teachers and students.

1. CSI: Mathematics

This site is the perfect blend of online games and printable supplements. It is organized by grade level and them by subject. Each subject includes a free and printable color resource PDF that gives tips, tricks, and explanations for each subject. There is also an applicable book list included. The PDF would be perfect for in-class reminders and to send home to parents. The site then links to online activity resources for each subject.

2. Sheppard’s Software

This simple and effective site arranges interactive math games by subject. It covers early math through simple algebra. Importantly, it directs students toward games on important concepts like time, measuring, money, and place value.

3. Math Playground

This simple website organizes games by popularity and subject. Students will be attracted to the game through an introductory picture. The games are interesting, although the site is somewhat less organized than the others.

4. Cool Math Games

This is an incredible online resource, and it is first on our list because you just may not have to go any further to find something great for your students. The site is completely free and includes both activities and virtual lessons to supplement teaching. It is visually pleasing and simple enough that elementary-age students could navigate it with some simple directions. It does have an almost overwhelming amount of material.

The best option would be to have a direction and purpose for the class going-in rather than just letting them explore. The website has lessons ranging from basic numeration to pre-calculus work. The one disadvantage to using lessons from this site is the restrictions on printing and downloading. All of the work must be viewed and manipulated through the website. For a class lesson, hook your computer up to the projector.


This is a site full of resources and games. It is last on the list because it would be the hardest for students to self-navigate. However, it provides an excellent mix of materials including items for homework help and activities for tutors and volunteers.

When it comes to making math interactive and entertaining there is no reason to not try to incorporate as many games as possible.  While technology becomes more and more popular in the classroom, teachers should embrace all forms of online resources in order to supplement their own lessons.

Author: Brandy Olsen


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  1. Rania

    TenMarks is great, too. They are free for teachers and they were fantastic for differentiated instruction and personalization.


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