May 092012

Hello bloggers and teachers. This blog is hosting the 50th edition of Math Teachers at Play (MTAP) blog carnival this 18th of May 2012. Promote your favorite posts/articles by submitting the links using the MATP submission form before the 18th.

  1. Do you have a game, activity, or anecdote about teaching math to young students? Please share!
  2. What is your favorite math club games, numerical investigations, or contest-preparation tips?
  3. Have you found a clever explanation for math concepts and procedures? E.g. how to teach bisecting an angle, or what is wrong with distributing the square in the expression (a + b)^2.
  4. How do you make an upper-level (high school) math topics come alive?
  5. What is your favorite problem? (I hope not the students:-))
  6. What kind of math do you do, just for the fun of it?

Click here to see past editions of MTAP Carnivals.

Don’t be shy — share your insights! If you do not have a blog, just send your ideas and short articles at I’ll find a way to publish it in the carnival.

The last math blog carnival I hosted was Math and Multimedia Carnival #17.

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