Facebook is CIA’s #1 online surveillance program – Humor

By | January 21, 2012

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is now CIA’s # 1 agent.  And the government wants you to use Facebook. You are more trackable and traceable there than via your Twitter or Google+ accounts. View the flash report below from The Onions News Network (ONN).

Of course the CIA will not find fault with you liking Math for Teaching’s Facebook page. It’s a plus in your resume’. So go, like it in FB. If you don’t want to get traced, follow this blog in Google+, Twitter or subscribe by email. Thanks.

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One thought on “Facebook is CIA’s #1 online surveillance program – Humor

  1. Jeff Gaynor

    I’m sure there’s research that proves mathematicians have the finest sense of humor. Or if not, we’ll make up the data in such a complicated way that people will go, “uh, can’t understand it – must be true.”


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