Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival #17

By | November 29, 2011
WELCOME to the 17th edition of Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival!

As is the tradition, a math blog carnival should introduce the mathematical significance of n in its nth edition. I was lucky to host this 17th edition. I didn’t have to look further for the significance of the number 17. The 17 beautiful patterns of wall paper groups is enough introduction for your eyes.

wallpaper group (or plane symmetry group or plane crystallographic group) is a mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, based on the symmetries in the pattern. Such patterns occur frequently in architecture and decorative art. There are 17 possible distinct groups. – from Wikipedia.

Now, on to the 17 math posts from your favorite math blogs and bloggers.

1. Guillermo P. Bautista Jr. who started the Math and Multimedia Carnival presents The man who conned a mathematician at Mathematics and Multimedia.

2, John Cook presents Poor Mercator posted at The Endeavour, saying, “Mathematics behind the Mercator projection”.

3. Romeo Vitelli presents The Boltzmann Mystery (Part 1) posted at Providentia, saying, “A two-part post on the strange life and death of mathematician and physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann”

4. Amy Broadmoore presents 10 Children?s Books About Math posted at Delightful Children’s Books, saying, “Here are ten excellent picture books about math. These books are both entertaining and helpful for teaching kids about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measuring, fractions, graphing, very large numbers, and roman numerals.”

5. Colleen Young presents Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 posted at Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0, saying, “The tools I use from Jane Hart’s top 100” and Top 10 Mathematics Websites posted at Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0, saying, “Another possibility – not sure which of these posts best for the carnival!”

6. IMACS  presents Alternatives to Math Competitions for the Dreamer Child and An Introduction to Modular Arithmetic posted, saying, “When choosing activities to engage a math-talented child, think about what makes that particular child thrive.”

7. Earl Samuelson of samuelson mathxp’s posterous submitted a bunch

8. Edmundo Gurza presents Writing with LaTex – Cure For Some Headaches posted at Reconstructing Climate.

9. William Dvorak presents Amortized Analysis posted at Deterministic Programming

And here’s for Geogebra enthusiasts:

John Golden presents 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus posted at Math Hombre, saying, “A GeoGebra activity to better understand functions defined as an integral, as in the 2nd fundamental theorem. Two other Calc 2 sketches at and

Guillermo Bautista presents  The Pantograph at GeoGebra Applet Central and Sanjay Gulati presents Maximum area of a rectangle inside a triangle at Mathematics Academy.

That’s all for now. See you next time. I think I host every fifth of this math blog carnival since hosting the Math and Multimedia Blog carnival #7.

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