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By | September 1, 2011

If you want to share your ideas about teaching, this blog accepts guest post about teaching and learning k-12 mathematics and other issues relating to mathematics teaching. Articles about teaching specific content topics in mathematics are most welcome. You may want to read some of the posts in this blog so you have an idea what sort of topics are discussed here. I reserve editorial rights and the right to accept posts.

If you have a blog you can guest post and link your article to your blog posts. For articles that will have links to commercial sites, fees will apply. Thank you.

Email me or click this link to take you to submission page. You can also use the form below. It can be expanded.



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One thought on “Guest post to share your math teaching ideas

  1. George Frank

    May I humbly suggest that there is no such thing as “thinking mathematically,” any more than thinking biologically or thinking astronomically or thinking anatomically or thinking chemically or thinking automotively, etc. Mathematics is the study of the existence and properties of the objects of mathematics, the same idea as every other science and field of knowledge. I think it is very sad that we do not recognize that convincing is not the same as explaining. Proof in mathematics is about verification, substantiation, corroboration, validation, justification, authentication, certification. It does NOT explain.
    Consistency does not EXPLAIN. I have been reading and thinking about explanation for many decades and wish many others would realize that we have no science of explanation but badly need one and take the need seriously. We need to clarify the meaning of explanation and conditions for explanation and stop substituting conviction for explanation.

    I admire your efforts and your works. I do not mean this as a criticism of you specifically.

    Thank you,

    George Frank

    P.S. Erlina is a very pleasant musical name.


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