GeoGebra and Learning Mathematics

By | August 23, 2010

GeoGebra is a great software for teaching and learning mathematics. It offers geometry, algebra and calculus tools in one environment, a great support indeed for linking mathematical concepts. On top of that it is free and an open-code software. Click here to download the latest version of the software.

 Is it easy to use? Yes and No. Yes, for math teachers because they know the mathematics and can therefore easily understand the ideas and logic behind the tools. Yes, for students who have been instructed on how to use the tools and understand the mathematics and logic behind it. They can use it in solving problems and for investigating mathematical relationships. But, for the majority of students, especially those who have not learned the basic of graphing, equations, and geometric relationships, the use of GeoGebra is limited to manipulating ready-made GeoGebra applets. (Click here for my posts on solving problems about quadrilaterals or here for introducing function using Geogebra applets.) Well, yes, GeoGebra applets are easy to use but most of the time if you do not know the  mathematics behind the construction or can’t construct it yourself, then the learning of the mathematics may be superficial.

Construction of math models using the software is not accessible for many younger students just starting to learn basic Algebra and Geometry. In order for them to construct a model, they  will have to follow a set procedure (constructed by the teacher) without really understanding why they do what they do. So I thought why not teach GeoGebra tools and mathematics at the same time? This is a challenge I set for myself and I have no idea if it will work or not. I am thinking of doing a research of it later in the year. GeoGebra is free and faithful to mathematics so for countries like us that can’t afford to  buy licensed softwares, we get the same quality teaching tool with Geogebra. I think all students need to know how to learn mathematics with it.

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11 thoughts on “GeoGebra and Learning Mathematics

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  2. Teaching Interview Questions

    I some how came to this site, while searching some guides on mathematics..But what i found was a live saver software the ” GeoGebra “..million thanks for sharing..its really cool software and helps any one with maths.

  3. Whit Ford

    For some additional applets that can help students explore the equation forms of lines, parabolas, sines, cosines, logarithms, exponentials, and rational functions (after they have been introduced the conventional way), you are welcome to visit:

    Once students have had a chance to play around with one of these applets, you can ask them to create their own version of such an applet, then introduce at least one improvement to (or expansion of) the original. This often provides both a good introduction to GeoGebra (with support by the teacher) and a deeper understanding of the equation form being modeled.


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