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Understanding by Design from WikiPilipinas

I think the following entry from WikiPilipinas needs revising. “Learning of facts”? Check also the last statement. “Teaching for understanding” is the main tenet of UbD. In this framework, course design, teacher and student attitudes, and the classroom learning environment are factors not just in the learning of facts but also in the attainment of… Read More »

Teaching combining algebraic expressions with conceptual understanding

In Math investigation about polygons and algebraic expressions I presented possible problems that students can explore. In this post, I will share some ideas on how the simple investigation of drawing polygons with the same area can be used as an introductory lesson to teach operations with algebraic expressions with meaning and understanding. Like the rest of… Read More »

Math investigation lesson on polygons and algebraic expressions

Understanding is about making connection. The extent to which a concept is understood is a function of the strength of its connection with other concepts. An isolated piece of knowledge is not powerful. To understand mathematics is to make connections among concepts, procedures, contexts. A lesson that has a very good potential for learning a well-connected… Read More »

swimming, math, and life

Just like one learns to swim by swimming, one learns math best by doing math.       But unlike swimming where the swimming style one learns is NOT a function of the type of water one swims on, the style of mathematical thinking and communicating one learns is a function of the mathematical tasks… Read More »

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