Sep 192009

I gave a set of questions to a group of Grade 6 and 7 pupils in a public school. Here are two of the questions: Question 1: 173 + 49 = ___ + 47 . Question 2:  43 + __ = 48 + 76. Some pupils wrote 122 in the blank in Question 1. Others wrote 5 for Question 2.Obviously, these pupils lack understanding of the meaning of equal sign. For them, “=” means do the sum or do the […]

Sep 182009
why study mathematics

Mathematics is a language that can communicate visually and symbolically. It can express ideas that other languages cannot articulate with conciseness, clarity and precision. Mathematics is also a way of thinking that can empower an individual to be critical, creative, logical and methodical. Mathematics is a language and a way of thinking that everybody can and must learn. Most mathematical concepts and principles developed from the need of humankind to understand, solve, and investigate problems in his day-to-day activities. In […]

Sep 162009
All men are equal

A king addressed his subjects form the palace’s balcony: “All men are equal.” One subject boldly asked: “What about kings?” “All kings are equal, too”, quipped his majesty. So much about equality.  

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